Transmediaquizz #5: Bani Brusadin #theinfluencers

Son festival: https://www.theinfluencers.org/

He is an Independent curator and researcher

Bani Brusadin is a Barcelona-based independent curator and researcher sailing on the troubled waters where contemporary art, networked technologies, popular cultures, and politics meet (and sometimes clash). Since 2004, together with Eva & Franco Mattes, he co-directs The Influencers, a festival about unconventional art, guerrilla communication and radical entertainment, held at the CCCB. Since 2018 he also collaborates with Matadero Madrid co-curating the Tentacular and Freeport projects. In the past, he has been involved in different art and activist projects, among them Las Agencias and Yomango (2002-2007). Bani currently teaches about art, technology, digital cultures and social change at the University of Barcelona and Elisava Design School. He holds a PhD in Advanced Studies in Art Production, and since 2002 is an external collaborator of the CCCB.

La transcription automatique par TRANSCRIPTIVE:

Big force arise takes over the land Western world. They use another kind of sense. They talk about diversity about, um, very progressive ideas, um, feelings and, uh, and ideas, all fraternity of, uh, helping each other and, um, being a regional be you think your own brain and dress up as you wish because diversity originality is, is good. And so the idea that this very strong idea behind pop culture take to be creative, which is a paradox in itself in a way. So this is the idea where it used to think about you have to be economist and steady economy. You’ll have to be a political scientist, understand what it takes, and you have to be like an, um, an ecologist to understand, um, then beer man to contaminate pollution and stuff. That’s another point we get because we have beautiful economists, great colleges, but just starting up. So what’s going on. I mean, why, why done we, why aren’t we able to understand what’s going on and why aren’t we able to understand future and dissipate at advance and change the future? So maybe we need some different tools maybe to be, to understand what, how nature works and to understand how economy works. And it’s just first, they first moved basic standards. We need something else. We need like a different self, self development, understand what’s going on. We’re talking about like three abstract, and this is why we need like rationality terms that

grasp the math subject matter. And to understand the brain, even our ideology is like common sense. It’s just one way to deal with this with its issues, collective collective sharp edges, vision of black dude, because it stuck out about like, about share reality, not just about your feet, bring into this space and just in this collective massive reality, there is destination or the sharp edges visions can be more complex than that.

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Xavier Faltot

Xavier Faltot: Media Mutant, brille par ses images expérimentales, mêlant art, technologie, cinéma et poésie. Dès ses débuts avec l’artiste Shu Lea Cheang, il sait capturer et danser avec le réel. Ses œuvres, à la fois provocantes et captivantes, reflètent une compréhension profonde de la globale culture actuelle. Samouraï virtuel multimedia et pionnier français dans l'utilisation des outils offerts par le web, il attend depuis toujours l'arrivée des intelligence artificielles. Aujourd’hui à l’aise avec les machines qui créent en vrai, il joue et fabrique des mondes animés à la carte ou des univers virtuels inconnus. ////// Xavier Faltot: Media Mutant, shines through his experimental images, mixing art, technology, cinema and poetry. From his early work with artist Shu Lea Cheang, he has captured and danced with reality. His works, both provocative and captivating, reflect a deep understanding of today's global culture. A multimedia digital samurai and French pioneer in the use of web tools, he has always awaited the arrival of artificial intelligence. Now at ease with the machines that create the real thing, he plays with and creates bespoke animated worlds or unfamiliar virtual universes.
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