Voici mon premier documentaire. Il a été présenté à Amsterdam lors du festival Talk to the Machine. Il est composé de ma collection de contenu engagé. Deux années de travail sur les nouvelles formes d’activismes en occident. Il est articulé autour de 4 préceptes. Synthèse de ma réflexion sur le sujet :

Il faut :

  • Jouer avec la culture
  • Pirater les marges
  • Corrompre les grandes corporations
  • Réclamer l’espace public

Precept Integral is my one-year edited – April04_April05 – video collection of interviews and video database from The States, Uk and Spain.

This footage is for bars or clubs, it s a warm up ! : 40 minutes of Interviews and various productions + 20 minutes of audiovisual mix (the last record is ready to be mixed and so the image are.)

To learn and dance, to start the party

It s build on four points :
We Should Jam The Culture :
We Should Hack The Border
We Should Corrupt The Corporate Giant
We Should Reclaim The Public Space


The end is a 20 minutes long media and dj mix with all the credits.

http://www.bignoisefilms.com // Rick Rowley from BigNoise Films : The fourth World War


After years feeling lost into a brand’s world, where I couldn’t find myself, I met a tribe with a transnational vibe. The tribe explained me how to use my soul in a positiv way, and how to keep smiling to the Empire to make him feel sick. Suddently, I had an illumination ! I felt free. I felt that I could play again.

I understood that I was just jailed behind codes that wasn’t mine. I realized that my life wasn’t mine. I saw clearly, that it was designed by someone else. 

So, I decided to fight for my freedom and for my neigbour’s freedom, diffusing subversive information, making people think. Trying to illuminate them too.

I started to play with the sytem

Cause media is my skill, so here is one year video collection of interviews and video database from all over the world. It’s mixed, maybe you wouldn’t understand everything, but who care, my goal is to make you think about yourself.

This is only a precept, it’s absolutly not exhaustiv but it wiil show you how plural and different are the technics to have fun and feel free in this international urbanized world. Don’t hate the media, be the media… this is my media, this is my part of the change, this is yours…

Find your way of being the change.

We are you

Intro crédits :

www.gnn.tv Countdown: Beats/sample Adam Horovitz – Director : Steven Marshall

+ Jeff Stark / Jonny America / John Jordan / Vani


www.evolution-control.comRock By Rape” – &- “Breakfast” -Trade Mark from The Evolution Control Committee

#2 We Should Hack The Border

www.hactivist.com & Re-code.com // Nathan from Carbon Defense League // Peer To Poor Share Fighting :candida.tv/altracocaity : John Stallman
Rich from The Institute for Applied Autonomy www.notborod.org/the-ccp.html Bill Brown: Camera Surveillance Players Video Art from: www.memafest.org: (2003) Scan me John Silverman www.fabrica.it

#3 We Should Corrupt The Corporate Giant

www.thevacuumcleaner.co.uk/ Die Diesel DayPray to the ProductJames aka the Vacuum Cleaner
More video from: TNT Bruce Loo / The lost interview CCTV Michelle Teran How To Operate Your Brain Timothy Leary
www.revbilly.com Stop Shopping Reverend Billy

#4 We Should Reclaim The Public Space

www.nonsensonyc.com www.madogascarinstitutea.com NYC Ward Event & Summer in the CityJeff Stark www.spacohijactrors.org Robin London Anarchitect
http://www.bignalsafilms.com/ Rick Rowley from Di Nolso

Credits : Mouvement Pour la Culture de Masse

Contact Information http://www.guidedurenard.org

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Xavier Faltot

Xavier Faltot @xavierfaltot @mcmparis @lacontroverse Dans la radio, les magazines, la télé, la rue, le web, et les clubs, en 20 ans, il est passé maître dans l’art du média expérimental. Il joue et compose avec les technologies, les flux et les publics. Hackeur du réel, il travaille à générer des chaos sympathiques, des zones franches où tout se lie et se publie. C’est là qu’il sculpte ses visions d’une société post-capitaliste, post-spectacle. Un endroit où se libérer et briller sans s’éblouir. Il est reporter, gonzo journaliste, VJ Xavier Society for the Blind, le fanzine Le Guide Du Renard, le Xavier de Youtube, le gérant de La Controverse, l’inventeur de La Chambre à Air, le co-créateur de Radiomarais, gangsterreradio.org, RADIO23, democrakidsradio.org, fistfm.org ou encore la cellule multi-média de Le Consulat.
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