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To witness Bessie Point come across several clinics charitably, and we all live in Kuwait, Kuwait City, which is the capital of Kuwait. The kinetic idea and men kicked in the market ever gets put on gets. It kind of dove near to assistant professor of criminal law I’m glad to call the war criminal at university. Hello Ida. Can you hear us?

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Yes, I Hello. How are you? Hi, I’m good. How are you? Good, thank you. Thank you for being with us. So you live in Kuwait City, which is the capital I’m on precisely because a lot of people are saying Kuwait. What’s the capital of like what’s actually Kuwait City? And my first question for you is, how is it going in your city at the moment?

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So. Well, there is a sense of excitement because the holy month of Ramadan is just late in two weeks. So the cities are preparing for the festive holiday months. Are you going to do the Ramadan as well? Yes, I’ll be fasting this month. And it’s going to be different because last Ramadan, I was in quarantine and it was very different.

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This Ramadan is going to be back to normal. So I feel everyone is excited to have that again. That’s how I feel. Yeah. So is everything back to normal since the pandemic? You would say so. Social and business activities legally are back to normal. We still I would say yes and no because we still have to quarantine a few tests positive.

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But testing is not mandatory anymore. So, yes, I know. Right. And has anything changed since the pandemic? You would say So I think because we’re back to normal now, I feel that there’s a sense of responsibility and awareness that we were talking about and about the environment and everything. The pandemic and public health, I feel, is like evaporated.

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I feel a sense that the restrictions have been lifted. I feel as if nothing has changed in people’s minds of what actually happened last year. That’s that’s how I see it even. Yeah, politically and socially, people are just like back to normal. So people and not necessarily more careful with each other. Yeah, that’s exactly. People are not careful of each other.

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And I don’t even think on a like a political level, people are thinking of how what if something happens again? How are we going to manage pandemics in general or even environmental like talks are not I don’t I don’t hear them. I don’t see them. Yeah. And if you bring it up talking about it, are people listening or aware of this non change?

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I would you would say always just because they’re focusing on their lives. I think they just focusing on their lives. I think there isn’t an interest about what to do next and the thinking of what to do. Yeah, that’s how I feel. However, I would say some people personally who have been affected by the pandemic are more careful, but you don’t see it on a like a national level or like a social thing where everyone’s talking about it on a personal and personal level.

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As I know, a lot of people that even though not a lot of people, some people that even though the restrictions have been lifted, they are so careful and there’s this sense of they don’t know how to deal with if something happens and those I think people who have lost someone close or people who are aware of the actual actually is happening now.

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So in a way, because we we’re trying to think of the Renaissance, as we call it, and trying to say that this is a new world and things have positively changed for the best. So you don’t think it’s the case in Kuwait? There is no sense of renaissance or is there? Unfortunately not. So what about for you? What about your life?

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How is it changed after COVID? Do you feel reborn? I’m still teaching. I’m still do. I said no, no, not really. Not really. Where I’m still even though like I’ll give you a perspective on how I don’t feel there anything. So social and business activity has been lifted, right? But I’m still teaching online Oh, you are? Okay. I’m still teaching online.

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Although legally we can, but we are not. I think things have been so slow and people are so lazy to go back to even teaching face to face, and it’s taking us longer than we expected. So I feel things are a bit slow and I guess from an academic perspective, some people are getting too comfortable, maybe. And what’s your hope for the new future?

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What are you trying to focus on to maybe, you know, build this this world, this present in a positive way? What’s a motto you would follow or an idea or a way of living that you think is aligned with this idea of Renaissance? If you could pick one if I could pick one, I think is just to focus on the focus on the now and try to be present.

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And that’s my motto recently to focus to be present and and to live life as a as what’s giving us like right now. Hmm. I see. And I guess the holy month coming up is helpful in that way because you have to be thankful and you have to be in the present. Yes. All right. Thank you very much.

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For being with us. Last question for you. Can you give us an address in your CD for anyone listening to us who want to meet some people in Kuwait City? Yeah, I would say you’re more a cultural center. It has very nice cultural events. And you can meet people there of similar interests if you take them out there.

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The the the events calendar. All right. Great. More cultural events. Yeah, we’ll play that. Great. Thank you very much. Had you been had you leave with some free goodies? Autism,

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