Camille Pellicer nous rejoint pour gérer la production

Bonjour à tous,

Je m’appelle Camille PELLICER, je suis franco-australienne et je suis tout récemment parisienne pour la première fois. J’ai essayé d’écrire cette présentation en français, mais la prose anglaise me vient plus naturellement. I chose a strange time to move to the french capital, but my nomade lifestyle, involving constant travels around the world, had come to an end thanks to a teeny tiny little virus. I left London in September to move in with one of my closest friend Géraldine and her cat Milo.

I grew up between the south of France, Naples, Sydney and London and I studied at Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence including a year abroad in Tokyo. I then did my Master 2 at Central Saint Martins in London titled MA in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries. After those long studies I had various work experiences around the world as a food photographer, assistant producer for events and films and most recently as an art dealer representing various English painters at Design Union.  

I have now joined Xavier aka FALTOT to help him develop further his various projects in radio, filmmaking and writing. I am not one to be a fan of the classic office hours or generic office days. Thus, joining Xavier on his visionary ship is the perfect opportunity for me to learn, experiment, get creative, meet colourful characters and most importantly stay hungry and stay foolish.

My three biggest passions are acting, writing and photography using the self-portrait format as a powerful tool to embody a modern witty lady. The current state of the world calls for innovation, boldness and confidence. It is not the time to be discouraged and disenchanted; it is the time to be fearless, engaged and hopeful, positive and inspired. I am excited to use Xavier’s multiple platforms to express my opinion and invite the voices of change and action. I intend to make the most out of my new adventure in Paris and within FALTOT Entreprises to grow as an artist and as a young woman.

Auto-portrait, Londres 2016 (Camille Pellicer)

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