Transmediaquizz #9: Zoé Romano

La transcription automatique par TRANSCRIPTIVE:

You have to try to that another way of thinking the tune capitalistic or making plans for like 20 years or something, have they used to have a horizontal mama where to go right now? The older decision are taken to make profits in the short run. So every the teacher, every decision is taken with this parliament and everything is going bad because they want to earn money in two years. So they don’t care if, I mean, maybe in two years they won’t be managers anymore of the company because they’re going to change. So who cares? They’re going to make success, make money for these two years. And maybe don’t without thinking about pollution or the people who’s was working in this company. So there must be a way to build up some kinds of parallel, parallel worlds where new kind of economies developed, developed. So in a way you fight directly the, the market with new ideas, like for example, creative, calm moms, or a free software, and try to spread this, uh, way of, uh, thinking about, uh, knowledge also in the countries that are developing now. And on the other way, try to make perceiver to people in the first world that their direction is important. The way that they consume their products is important or so starting with the kids. And now political advertising is becoming cooler also for the capitals. So they are using that, but their message is never so profound

in a way that they are the use of advertising, but not so much. They, they use the messages that can be perceived as advertising, but then they don’t go. They don’t become really bad about it. They just use it as a manner of becoming as well. Not, not being left out from the, there are people who do it as a real, a political message. I mean, cool trends are built in a very cold way from the Capitol, these things, if they are revealed, I think they are less powerful to the eyes of the young youngsters. So if we try to build two things about, there are the values that are under, um, the concept are different. We are in a way we are going to change the mind of the people.

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