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Tuesday 15/10/13

Masculin-Masculin# EXPO

A daring counter point to the taxed subject of female nudity in art, Masculin/Masculin : l’homme nu dans l’art de 1800 à nos jours  lets you explore the intrigues of the percieved secondary role of Man’s artistic and naked form. Revealing the many eras and techniques defining this sensuel and erotic rendez-vous de l’art, the Musee d’Orsay welcoms you from Tuesday to Sunday, starting at 9 :30 Am to 6 :00 Pm ( 9 :00 Pm on Thurdays)


Had a rough week’s start ? Then head to the 114 for the Apérocks ! Multiple artists will be performing live to kickstart the 1st show of the season : Ulysses, Okay Monday & The French Cupcake. The old recipes remains : free admission, open winebar for 5€.




Conf-grafitti# CONFERENCE

From art galeries, blogs, magazines to city cops, all have in common to face graffiti. All of these will be around Ophelia Noor’s table to think about the necessity and risks revolving the art form. RSVP on Gaîté Lyrique’s web site.




badenbaden# CONCERT

Tonight you can enjoy the sweet and sad sound out of the Gaite Lyrique ; coming to you from the indie pop folk group Baden Baden. For 24 euros on presale at the Fnac or Digitck.




mardimacfly# PARTY

For the wild ones out there, we’ll see you at the Social club for the Mardi Mc Fly. Boogie Man, Para One & DVNO on the stage to make your Tuesday ! Free admission.





radiomarais200# WHAT’S UP RADIO MARAIS

[09h – 11h] La Garçonnière – Guest : Matthieu Gazier (Behind et Eklero’Schock).
[13h – 14h] Les Beaux Jeunes – Xavier Faltot receives Juliana Bettarel.
[18h – 20h] Mix @ Le chapon rouge  W/ Kaylus.
[20h – 22h] Qu’est ce concert ce soir ? Les Colettes, IGIT et Djeli Moussa Diawara meet themselves. 




Podcast of the day : [soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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Xavier Faltot

Xavier Faltot: Media Mutant, brille par ses images expérimentales, mêlant art, technologie, cinéma et poésie. Dès ses débuts avec l’artiste Shu Lea Cheang, il sait capturer et danser avec le réel. Ses œuvres, à la fois provocantes et captivantes, reflètent une compréhension profonde de la globale culture actuelle. Samouraï virtuel multimedia et pionnier français dans l'utilisation des outils offerts par le web, il attend depuis toujours l'arrivée des intelligence artificielles. Aujourd’hui à l’aise avec les machines qui créent en vrai, il joue et fabrique des mondes animés à la carte ou des univers virtuels inconnus. ////// Xavier Faltot: Media Mutant, shines through his experimental images, mixing art, technology, cinema and poetry. From his early work with artist Shu Lea Cheang, he has captured and danced with reality. His works, both provocative and captivating, reflect a deep understanding of today's global culture. A multimedia digital samurai and French pioneer in the use of web tools, he has always awaited the arrival of artificial intelligence. Now at ease with the machines that create the real thing, he plays with and creates bespoke animated worlds or unfamiliar virtual universes.
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